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Function Of ETO Sterilizer

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The chief function of an ETO Sterilizer is to sterilize substances that are sensitive to heat and moisture. An E.T.O Gas Sterilizer carries out sterilization in three special phases :

Pre Conditioning Phase : The substance that needs to be sterilized is subjected to a warm, humid setting for at minimum 12 hours making sure the uniformity in its temperature and humidity.

Exposure Phase : In this phase, the Vacuum is pulled as well as ETO gas is let in. The material is subjected to gas for 4-8 hours, typically. During the progression the RH is maintained at approximately 70% and the temperature at 55 °C.

Post Conditions Phase : The ETO gas is eliminated by repetitively pulling a vacuum and then bringing in air into the sterilization chamber till the ETO gas is completely evacuated.