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ETO Sterilizer Manufacturers


We are leading ETO Sterilizer Manufacturers in India. Owing to our highly advanced infrastructural base and enormous knowledge, we are engaged in offering a broad range of ETO Sterilizers. The offered range of ETO Sterilizers used to sterilize surgical, medical and pharmaceutical products and maize starch products, food and spices products. The offered range of ETO Sterilizers are manufactured by our skilled professionals who are adapted with enriched industry experience in this field. ETO Sterilizer plays a vital role in maintaining the sterility of medical equipment and make sure the safety of patients and healthcare workers.

ETO Sterilizer Suppliers

We are largest ETO Sterilizers Suppliers in India. An ETO Sterilizer is a machine used in the pharmaceutical industry and other sectors to sterilize equipment and medical devices which are sensitive to heat and moisture. Ethylene Oxide is a gas that is highly effective at killing microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and spores, making it a suitable method for sterilizing items that can’t endure traditional system sterilization methods. We also offer customized solutions at market leading prices.

ETO Sterilizer Exporters

Leading ETO Sterilizer Exporters from India. ETO is an effective sterility at low temperature with excellent penetration properties under controlled conditions. EO Sterilization is a ideal and widely practiced method of sterilization. Being a cold process, it has low influence on physical characteristics of most products. During the process of Sterilization, ETO offers flexibility in terms of, wide range of compatible films and packaging material; this is entirely customer-convenience-dependant. ETO Sterilization can be done by varied techniques like Steam sterilization, Radiation, E beam, Gaseous and Chemical sterilization.

The product offered by us satisfies the need of clinics, hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers who require a sterilizing facility for heat-sensitive items which would otherwise be smashed by high temperatures, pressures, or vacuums.

Features of ETO Sterilization

  • The machines are designed with single or double door with sliding or hinged door options to suit customer’s specific requirements.
  • Steam Jacketed for fine uniformity of the heat distribution with the support of advanced technology for fast sterilization cycle and low cost operating.
  • Gas evaporation system is provided to make sure that gaseous sterile even at very low temperature.
  • These machines are very simple and safe to operate and automatic cycle system.
  • Moreover, to operate the machine skilled personnel are not required.
  • These ETO Sterilizer machine operates on domestic power supply only.
  • During operation of the machine very low electrical consumption is used.
  • To monitor the real time data time monitoring system is used.
  • ISO 11135 complied system (optional)
  • Design as per CGMP , GAMP ,FDA and Australian standards
  • Sterilizer machines can be gained at customized sizes.
  • Compact model with all accessories


Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer

Being one of the leading firms in the industrial market, we are considered to be engaged in offering the finest quality range of Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer. A fully automatic ETO sterilizer is a kind of sterilization machine that uses ethylene oxide gas to destroy all types of microbiological life from medical devices, tools, and other things that cannot withstand high-temperature steam sterilization. Fully automatic ETO sterilizers are often used in hospitals, labs, and other locations where conventional sterilization techniques are impractical. Although they are very effective and efficient, they also need to be handled carefully to make sure that any extra ETO gas is properly expelled from the items after sterilization.


Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer Specification


Krishna Engineering

Type Of Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer


Stainless Steel

Chamber Dimension

4x4x6 Feet

Chamber Volume

2.72 m3


2 Year

Automation Grade

Fully Automatic

Working Pressure

1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2

Working Temperature

55 to 60 ◦c

Vacuum Pump Power

1.5 HP

Water Circulation Pump Power

0.5 HP

Electric Heaters

6 kW