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We are identified as eminent ETO Sterilizer company not only domestic but also international market. This is because of the matchless quality and competitive features of E.T.O Gas Sterilizer Equipments. We comprehend the application based requirements of our patrons before designing our products. We also adopt latest technology and techniques, for making our products. Since our customer satisfaction of our primary goal, we stick on to the international quality norms for carrying out the manufacturing and testing processes of our products. We also balance the quality and the price rates of our products without compromising any one for another. Hence our ETO Gas Sterilization Equipments are massively trusted on by numerous countries across the world like Ethiopia, Egypt, UK, Italy, France, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers (ETO) Exporters in India

We are one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of best quality of ETO Sterilizer, Industrial ETO Sterilizer, Ribbon Blender, Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave, Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer and many others. We represents modern and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know how of latest technologies, in a combination of the most efficient customer support and service back up. We have constructed a massive infrastructural unit for streamlining our work. Our raw materials are obtained from a reliable vendor base for maintaining the industry and quality standards. We also offer customized solution in varied specifications given by the customer at market leading prices

ETO Sterilizers Suppliers in India

India is a rapidly growing market for ETO Sterilizers, with a growing demand for reliable and efficient sterilization solutions in various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. We are leading ETO Sterilizer Suppliers in India. ETO Sterilization is a hugely used method for sterilizing heat and moisture products. It is known for its versatility, low temperature sterilization, broad spectrum microbial activity with a variety of materials. ETO Sterilizer used in healthcare facilities, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, food processing industries and many more. ETO gas has excellent penetration properties, allowing it to effectively sterilize complex and hard-to-reach areas of instruments and equipment. ETO Sterilizers have built-in validation and monitoring systems to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization process, including temperature and humidity monitoring and gas concentration monitoring. Safety features are also included in ETO Sterilizers to protect operators and the environments.

Key Features of Our ETO Sterilizers:

  • Precise control of temperature, humidity, and gas concentration
  • Automated processes for ease of use and efficiency
  • Validated sterilization cycles for consistent results
  • Safety features to protect operators and the environment
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring


ETO Sterilizer Manufacturers in India

We are counted as one of the leading ETO Sterilizer Manufacturers in India. We are fastest growing Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of a quality range of Industrial ETO Sterilizers in India. A high performing range of ETO Sterilizer is offered to our clients from our end.Ethylene oxide fueloline sterilization is a way of sterilizing new clinical gadgets and warmth touchy gadgets. A broad range of delicate instruments is sterilized at low temperature. We provide the most effective ETO Sterilization System that is safe to use and eco-friendly. We also offer customized solutions as per the specification mentioned by our clients and are manufactured using the best quality materials and components.


Technical Specification of ETO Sterilizer:

Type Of Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer


Krishna Engineering


Stainless Steel

Automation Grade

Fully Automatic


2 Year

Chamber Dimension

4x4x6 Feet

Chamber Volume

2.72 m3

Working Pressure

1.0 to1.5 kg/cm2




Bacterial Treatment

Chamber Volume

3000 L

Insulation Wall

Triple Wall

Temperature Range

45 Degree C

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Advantages of ETO Sterilizers

  • Compatibility with Heat-Sensitive Materials: ETO sterilization is particularly useful for heat-sensitive materials that cannot withstand high temperatures, such as plastics, electronics, and certain medical devices. This makes ETO an essential option for sterilizing a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical products without compromising their integrity.
  • Penetration and Efficacy: Ethylene oxide has excellent penetration properties, allowing it to reach into complex geometries and porous materials to effectively sterilize them. This makes it suitable for items with intricate designs or components that are hard to reach using other sterilization methods.
  • Versatility:ETO sterilization can be used for a wide variety of items, ranging from medical devices and surgical instruments to pharmaceutical products and food packaging. Its versatility makes it a valuable option for industries with diverse sterilization needs.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Ethylene oxide has a long history of use as a sterilizing agent and is well-documented in terms of its efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and spores. When used correctly, it can achieve high levels of sterilization assurance.


What instruments can be sterilized in an Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer?

Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers are commonly used for sterilizing items that are sensitive to heat and moisture, such as certain plastics, electronics, and medical devices. Some instruments and materials that can be sterilized in an ethylene oxide gas sterilizer include:

  • Surgical Instruments: This includes scalpels, forceps, scissors, and other reusable surgical tools.
  • Electronic Components: Ethylene oxide gas sterilization is often used for sterilizing electronic components that cannot withstand traditional sterilization methods like steam.
  • Plastic Items: Certain types of plastic materials that are heat-sensitive can be safely sterilized using ethylene oxide gas.
  • Laboratory Equipment: Glassware, plasticware, and other laboratory equipment that cannot be sterilized using heat-based methods may be sterilized using ethylene oxide gas.
  • Medical Devices: Various medical devices such as catheters, endoscopes, and implantable devices may undergo ethylene oxide gas sterilization.


Why Choose Krishna Engineering?

  • Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality in every aspect of our products and services. Our ETO sterilizers undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • Customization Options: We understand that each industry has unique sterilization requirements. That's why we offer customization options to tailor our ETO sterilizers to your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • International Compliance: Our ETO sterilizers comply with international standards and regulations for sterilization, providing you with peace of mind regarding safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Expert Support:From product selection to installation and maintenance, our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support at every step of the process. We are committed to ensuring that you get the most out of your ETO sterilization equipment.


Key Components of ETO Sterilizer

ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilizers are used in various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, for sterilizing items that are sensitive to high temperatures and moisture. The key components of an ETO sterilizer typically include:

  • Chamber: This is the main enclosure where the items to be sterilized are placed. It's designed to withstand the pressure and temperature required for the sterilization process.
  • ETO Gas Supply System: This system includes a supply of ethylene oxide gas, typically in a canister or tank, and mechanisms for delivering the gas into the sterilization chamber in controlled amounts.
  • Vacuum System: ETO Sterilization often involves a vacuum phase to remove air and moisture from the chamber before introducing the ethylene oxide gas. This helps to ensure effective sterilization by allowing the gas to penetrate the items more thoroughly.
  • Heating System: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization requires controlled temperature conditions for optimal efficacy. Heating elements or other mechanisms are used to raise the temperature inside the chamber to the desired level during the sterilization process.
  • Safety Features: ETO Sterilizers include various safety features to protect operators and ensure safe operation. These may include gas sensors to monitor gas levels, pressure relief valves to prevent over-pressurization, and interlocks to prevent the chamber from being opened during operation.

These components work together to create a controlled environment for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, ensuring the effective sterilization of sensitive items while maintaining safety and quality standards.


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