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ETO Sterilization Process


ETO Sterilization process also identified as Ethylene Oxide sterilization process is type of sterilization technique which is employed to sterilize medical as well as pharmaceutical items that cannot bear high temperature involved in steam sterilization. ETO Gas Sterilization is performed between 30 °C to 60 °C. This process is very ideal for electronic components based equipments, plastic items, optical and electrical equipments.

Ethylene Oxide gas is used in this process. This gas being an alkylating substance, very effectively disrupts the DNA of harmful microorganisms, which averts them from reproducing further. Thus it can destroy most kinds of viruses, bacteria and fungi in addition to their spores and is suitable for most materials, even when repetitively used. This technique guarantees that only safe and sterile product is delivered to the market each and every time. ETO Sterilization in India has gained a huge popularity.